Who are we?

LBD founder Jamie Reeves is a writer, editor, early adopter of social media, and content marketer with more than 20 years of experience. Reeves began her career in old school print journalism, where story telling was the catalyst for gaining new readers or gaining new business. She worked at Vanderbilt University in the News & Public Affairs Office where she was a Public Affairs Officer for the College of Arts & Science, the university’s largest school. From there she went on to a corporate communications role at American General Life & Accident Insurance Company before a buyout by AIG. She’s worked for several PR and marketing agencies in Nashville and is as comfortable interviewing C-Suite executives, such as the CEO of SONIC, as she is front-line employees.

Reeves’ personal blog was one of the first “mommy blogs” to emerge in 2005 and she was invited to attend one of the inaugural big brand/blogger events, Johnson & Johnson Camp Baby, in New Jersey in 2006. She also landed a No. 1 spot on Google search result for “mom blog” once upon a time. A long-time self-professed social media and digital marketing nerd, as a blogger she has been sought out to partner with national brands such as Nissan, Dryel, P.S. Aeropostale for Kids, and Tuesday Morning as a blog ambassador.

Today as content marketing and brand storytelling shape the digital media world, Reeves applies her unique blend of career experience to create strategic, custom content for your brand that not only informs, but impacts, your audience. She has the storytelling finesse of a newspaper reporter, the shrewd content mindset of an editor and the energy of a working mom at Target on her lunch break.

She can manage and write your blog content, develop a social media strategy and more.

Email her today at littleblackdressmarketing@gmail.com