New Year, New Strategy: 3 Ways to Declutter Your Social Media Effort

Happy New Year!

January is the perfect time to audit your social media and communications efforts across the board to ensure they align with your business strategy.

Whether you have 50 customers, or 5,000, your social media and external communications messaging should always support your overall business goals. Do you want to increase sales, build brand awareness or get new members? Strategize on your brand messaging for the year and let everything focus back on that core message.

The start of the new year is also a great time to have a company retreat to brainstorm on messaging. If you are a small company you may not have a full time content manager/social media manager and those duties may be shared among several employees. Make sure everyone is on the same proverbial page as you schedule your content. Blogging is still one of the best ways to optimize SEO and serve as a hub for all of your social media content.

I love to declutter my home after the holidays. If you’ve never performed an audit of your social media channels, there’s never been a better time to do so! Years ago I worked with a global brand that had multiple Twitter accounts. After performing an audit, they determined that less really was more. Their messaging was being diluted by too many channels.

Here are three tips for decluttering your social media efforts

Say Buh Bye – Go through your followers and unfollow any spam or inactive accounts.
Be Consistent – Your brand should be immediately recognizable across all of your social media profiles so make sure all of your profiles and bios are consistent across the board.
Retire Content with Low ROI – Go back through your content for the past 12 months and identify the most popular types of content. Discontinue content that just doesn’t fit or has little to zero ROI. Your CEO may love those #ThrowbackThursday posts, but if no one is engaging with the content it’s irrelevant!

If you need help developing a blog content strategy and social media plan for 2017, I can help. I’ve worked with small businesses and nonprofits on campaigns and content calendars. I can also provide ghost writing services for your brand if you need great original content.

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